Teaching Experience

I have pursued every available opportunity to teach.

I have assisted in the instruction of many courses starting with Romanian Commercial Contracts, as part of the Teaching Practice Course at my home university, Al.I. Cuza, Iasi. I used new technologies to create class discussion opportunities, focusing on students’ understanding of the legal concepts, rather than providing them with written information on the blackboard and making them copy it in their notebooks. For my service as a teacher trainee, my students asked the instructor to allow me to teach them more classes than I was assigned by the curriculum, which is the best feedback any aspiring professor can receive.

At CEU I have had the opportunity to teach several classes, dedicated to Contract Law and Real Estate Law, during the Introduction to Law Course, organized for the Econ-Law Program, for which I have also received positive reviews and feedback from the students (2011).

Last, but not least, due to the courtesy of my PhD supervisor, I had the possibility to teach International Business Law LL.M. students on the topic of Fair Debt Collection Practices for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

During all these occasions, in the classroom I had three priorities: interdisciplinary content, interactive teaching strategies and inquiry-based learning. The purpose was to engage students in the learning process so that at the end of the course they could intelligently discuss the topic on their own and link it to real life experiences.

In 2015, upon successful completion of the program organized by the Center of Teaching and Learning, I was awarded a Certificate for Excellence in Teaching in Higher Education.