About me

I am a (still) young Romanian attorney, researcher and an aspiring academic.

Currently I am lucky to work in an amazing, friendly and very good law-firm while still searching for a position in academia.

I want to teach out of passion and because I believe it is what I was meant to do. I have also observed many teaching styles during my own studies and I want, if not to change, to improve the way we teach and refer to teaching law.

I believe teaching to be extremely important, because it shapes future personalities. In law, this is even more important, for the future legal professionals will have a major impact in the lives of the others, notwithstanding if they do it during law and policy making or in court-rooms or big offices.

I will encourage my students, as I encourage my friends, to think, to think twice, to think critically, to think outside the box, to think provocatively, to think further, to think ahead, to think on their own and not be afraid to think. I encourage them to be creative and free in their thinking. And most of all I encourage them to ask questions.

I am passionate about books, museums, traveling and city-scapes, Roman and medieval history, Batman comic books, alternative music and tv-shows.